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Minggu, 29 Mei 2011

Budidaya Jati Emas

Cara Menanam Pohon Jabon jati Thailand teak ,Winter Flowering Types of Eucalyptus Species / species of flowering Month Name Region / General E. April-July deglupta Leda E. platyphylla Hue from July to November E. October Ampupu E. alba saligna Sydney blue from September to December E. grandis Hooded gum from January to August E. umbellata Forest red gum from August to October Gmelina (Gmelina arborea), which includes family Verbenaceae Plant is also called yemane, Gmelina, gamari, and white teak. It is also called white teak because durability is almost like teak. Gmelina is a native plant of India, its spread include the state of Pakistan, Cambodia,
Thailand, Sri Lanka and southern China. Gmelina trees can grow well at an altitude of 90-900 m above sea level. In special circumstances such as in the lowlands of Sri Lanka to grow at an altitude of 1500 m above sea level. Desired annual rainfall ranges from 760-4500 mm. Shape rounded tree, straight and not buttress. Tree reaches a height of 30 m with a diameter of 100 cm and free trunked branch 15 m. Feature resemble cone or irregular with many branches. Recycling plant for producing pulp 8 years and 15 years of non-pulp. Gmelina to bear fruit after the age of 4 years, ie once a year between the months of April to July. To manufacture the seeds should be picked from a healthy mother and have been aged 7 years or more. Jabon (Anthocepalus cadamba) In Indonesia Jabon known as kelempayan. This plant is found in Java, Sumantera, Kalimantan, Sumbawa and Irian Jaya. Plants that included family Rubiaceae plant grows well at altitude 0-1000 m above sea level, on clay soils, podzolic brown, and alluvial humid which is generally found along the river that beraerasi good. Jabon is a type of tree light (light-demanders) are fast growing. At the age of 3 years to reach 9 m high with a diameter of 11 cm. In the wild, tree Jabon been found to reach a height of 45 m with a diameter of more than 100 cm. Canopy shape like an umbrella with the circular system of ramification. The leaves are not dense. Trunk straight cylindrical and not buttress. Wood is creamy white to reddish brown, easily processed, soft and lightweight. Jabon bear fruit once a year.

Berbungannya season in the January-June and fruits mature in July-August with the amount of compound per kg of fruit 33. Teak (Tectona grandis) Teak and Gmelina derived from the same family Verbenaceae. Regional spread of tropical plants include India, Burma, Thailand, and Vietnam. In Indonesia, this plant is often found in Java, South Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, West Nusa Tenggara (Sumbawa), Maluku, and Lampung. Teak can grow well in soil that contains lime nest. In addition, this plant also grows in areas that have a real dry season (3-5 months dry), average rainfall 1250 -2500 mm / yr with a height of less than 700 m above sea level. Tree height can reach 45 m with a length of branch-free stems 15-20 m and diameter reached 220 cm. Rod shape is generally round and straight, rather thin bark and grooved. Teak trees flowering in the month from October to June and fruits mature in July-December. In each kg of dry seed contains 1500 grains or 416 grains per liter. Jelutong (Dyera costulata) is the trade name Dyera costulata Pulai jelutung or rice. Plants belonging to the family Apocynaceae, in Indonesia the endemic area includes the islands of Sumatra and Bengkulu and Lampung except South Kalimantan. Reaching 25-45 m tall trees with thin canopy and single leaf in the circle on the twigs of 4-8 strands. The length of branch-free trunk diameter of 15-30 m and can reach 100 cm. Cylindrical stem and outer skin gray kehitama. Trees do not buttress and issued a white sap like condensed milk. Johar (Cassia seamea) In the classification Johar (Cassia seamea) including Caesalpinacea family. This plant is a tropical plant that originated in India, Indochina and Southeast Asia. Tree height of 10-15 m with a diameter between 40-50 cm. In Java johar grow well at altitude 1-1000 m above sea level with annual rainfall of 650-1500 m above sea level. Suitable soil type is argillaceous soil, was not flooded, the water and does not contain stones.

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